Welcome to NextGen Integrated Systems Inc.

NextGen Integrated Systems Inc. designs and builds gas systems and process equipment from the ground up to meet your unique needs. We are proud to offer high-quality, reliable and efficient solutions to customers worldwide. NextGen’s effective collaboration between engineering, design and technical staff, along with partners and suppliers, allows us to excel at what we do.

NextGen is committed to excellence. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, we hold to the highest certification standards and requirements (NSF, CSA, ASME, TUV, ASTM, NEMA, SAE).

We can deliver everything from clean vehicle projects to industrial gas systems and process equipment. Whether you require a complete system, or an upgrade to an existing one, we have you covered.

At NextGen, we love a challenge. Have a particularly difficult or unique project? We look forward to working with you to achieve the best solution.